10 Mistakes to Avoid at All-Inclusive Resorts

by shortgirlontour

I love the concept of an all-inclusive resort! Amazing food, great service and the fact that everything is taken care for you is a nice way to get away and vacation. I will admit that I made a couple of mistakes at my first all-inclusive resort experience. Since then, I have not only learned from those mistakes but also have gained some valuable insights that I would love to share with you! This post covers 10 mistakes to avoid at all-inclusive resorts while both planning and once you get there!

1. Not Booking the Right Type of Resort

The first mistake to avoid at all-inclusive resorts is not booking the right resort for you. There are all kinds of all-inclusive resorts – adults only, young adults, family friendly resorts etc. If you are looking for a child-free experience, not doing your research and ending up at a family friendly resort can make a difference to what you expected from your vacation vs. what you get.

Mistakes to Avoid at All-Inclusive Resorts

2. Not Looking into All Deals When Booking

Check for all options when booking an all-inclusive. This includes directly with the hotel, 3rd party booking sites and my personal favorite airlines. Airlines often give you bonus miles for booking vacation packages with them. These packages also include the airfare, hotel and transfers. It is often cheaper than booking these separately!

3. Not Asking for an Upgrade

I am a firm believer of the saying “it doesn’t hurt to ask”. When you check-in at or book your all-inclusive resort, always ask for an upgrade. These upgrades can come in many forms. A better view, a better room or even a room with a butler!

Mistakes to Avoid at All-Inclusive Resorts

4. Not Understanding What is Included and What is Not

This is a huge mistake to avoid at all-inclusive resorts! Not all all-inclusive resorts are alike. Ensure you understand what is included and what is not at the time of booking.

5. Eating Only at the Buffet

Another mistake to avoid at an all-inclusive is eating only at the buffet. Most all-inclusive resorts have several themed or specialized restaurants on-site with exceptional food. Not checking these out is a mistake in my opinion. Depending on the resort, some may even open for lunch and you can check them out at lunch too. If your room comes with butler service, they can often book restuarants and make reservations for you!

Mistakes to Avoid at All-Inclusive Resorts

6. Not Taking Advantage of Room Service

If you don’t feel like heading out to an on-site restaurant or the buffet for dinner, order in room service. It is included in most resorts (why #3 is important). Some even have a hatch where food can be delivered and the empty plates taken away with minimal disturbance to you.

7. Not Restaurant Hopping

If your resort has multiple restuarants, feel free to hop around. Have a starter at one, dinner at another and dessert at a completely separate spot. This is one way of trying all the restaurants on site if you are there for only a couple of days!

8. Not Taking Advantage of Included Amenities

This is a common mistake to avoid at an all-inclusive resort. Most all-inclusive resorts have various activities and amenities included in the price. For example, if you are at a beach side all-inclusive, they may have things like free yoga sessions, free diving lessons, free snorkeling, kayaking etc. It’s not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with the free amenities and activities offered!

9. Not Leaving the Resort

This is a little subjective if it’s a mistake or not but if you ask me it is a huge mistake to avoid at all-inclusive resorts. Usually these type of resorts are nearby beautiful destinations and amazing attractions. Spend at least one day out of the hotel, visiting an attraction or learning about the local culture. Tours can usually be arranged by the resort itself or you can book one using a site like Get Your Guide.

10. Not Asking for a Late Check-out

Don’t make the mistake of not asking for a late check-out if you need one. The worst they can say is no. From my experience it is always better to ask for it earlier during your stay than later. In other words, don’t ask the day you are leaving as they may have already assigned your room to the next guest.

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Mistakes to Avoid at All-Inclusive Resorts
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