Things to Do in Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

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Things to Do in Lake Bohinj

I came across Lake Bohinj when I was doing research on Lake Bled and was immediately intrigued. Bigger than Bled but much quieter, Bohinj is a nature lover’s paradise. Just a short distance from Bled (16 miles), you can easily visit Bohinj as a part of your trip to Bled. This post covers things to do in Lake Bohinj.

St. John the Baptist Church

The stone bridge with St. John the Baptist church in the backdrop is the view that dominates almost all pictures of Lake Bohinj. The water is crystal clear here and is really picturesque.

Things to Do in Lake Bohinj

Enjoy Lake Views

With mountains that seem to roll all the way down to the lake, the views here are pretty spectacular. The alpine colors of the lake are beautiful and if you look at the water you will see tons of fish swimming away.

Things to Do in Lake Bohinj
Things to Do in Lake Bohinj

Water Activities

If you love boating, swimming, kayaking or paddle boating in a quiet setting, then Lake Bohinj offers all that and more. You can rent equipment from Alpinsport located next to the stone bridge.

Canoeing and Kayaking are popular here

Zlatorog and the 4 Mountaineers

Lake Bohinj is home to two important monuments for this area. The first is of Zlatorog, a mythical golden horned chamois that is native to the Julian Alps. The second is of the 4 Bohinj-area mountaineers who first summited Mount Triglav in 1778.

Ride the Cable Car up to the Vogel Mountains

This was the highlight of my visit to Lake Bohinj and I highly recommend this for some spectacular views of the Julian Alps! The lower station of the cable cars is at the Western end of Lake Bohinj. From there you can park your car at the free parking lot and buy a ticket from the counter. You have the option of a one way or round trip ticket. The one way option is for people who want to hike down. The cars run every 30 minutes during summer and continuously in the winter.

Things to Do in Lake Bohinj
View on the way up

Once you arrive at the upper station, enjoy the panoramic view from the viewing platform. If you’re afraid of heights then definitely don’t look down as you exit the cable car!

Things to Do in Lake Bohinj
View from the platform (just don’t look down if you’re afraid of heights!)
Things to Do in Lake Bohinj
Views from the top
Things to Do in Lake Bohinj
Views from the top
Things to Do in Lake Bohinj

This area is all skiing in the winter but there are hiking trails on top if you want to go hiking if you visit in the summer. A quick hike to the second chairlift takes you to the adjacent summit of Orlove Glave for some more great views (ride the lift back to the upper cable car station one you are done).

Tip – it can be cold even in the summer so bring a jacket!

Savica Waterfall

Savica is one of the most popular waterfalls in Slovenia. You have to hike to get to Savica and climb a lot of steps. I had to skip in the interest of time but if you love hikes and waterfalls then this may be right up your alley.

PC – By Ekke Vasli – originally posted to Flickr as Voje waterfall, CC BY 2.0,


Here are some tours if you don’t have a rental car and want to explore this area as a day trip.

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