Best Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

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In my previous post, I curated a list of travel related gifts for babies and kids! This post covers adults! From books to item that will provide convenience during travel, this list contains some of the best gifts for people who love to travel!

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New Generation Travel Pillow

First up on this best gifts for people who love to travel list is this travel pillow. I’m calling it a new generation travel pillow as it’s truly revolutionary in my opinion! I was able to sleep for a majority of my recent non-stop 15 hour flight to South Africa and back, due to this amazing contraption. It is easy to inflate and folders to the size of a palm. I cannot recommend this pillow more and it would be an ideal gift for those frequent long distance fliers in your family or on your friends list.

Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

OG Neck Pillow

If you think the neck pillow above may not be your gift recipients thing, then this original version of the neck pillow is tried and tested. This also is easy to inflate and deflate and folders into a case that’s the size of your palm.

Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

Travel Scrapbook

This travel scrapbook is a good gift for the scrapbookers or crafts people in your life. It comes with a 73 page book, box to contain it and several accessories.

Air Tags

Air tags are a really useful gift you can give people who love to travel. I actually bought these myself recently. With so many airlines loosing bags over the summer and holidays, I’ve heard many success stories of people being able to track their own bags down even when airlines couldn’t. It basically acts like a little tracking device for your bag and works if there are other Bluetooth enabled iPhones nearby.

Gifts for People Who Love to Travel


Books are next up on this gifts for people who love to travel list. I have all of these books and I LOVE them! The first 3 make great coffee table additions too.

  • Destinations of a Lifetime – I use this book to add places and adventures to my bucket list
  • Where to Go When – This book is brilliant in my opinion as it lists down where to go when depending on the season, weather and other country specific considerations
  • The Travel Book – This is a fantastic book with lots of pictures to inspire you to travel around the world!

These next two books come from my favorite author, Rick Steves! Rick is famous for his extremely detailed and often times humorous guidebooks. I have most often used his guidebooks in lieu of an audio guide or guided tour in Europe and they are brilliant. In addition to these guidebooks, he has also authored several other travel books. I have read both of these below and have really enjoyed them.

Travel Calendar

Yes, I do love rick Steves! This 365 page calendar contains beautiful pictures with descriptions from Europe. I actually got this calendar from a work white elephant gift exchange (I may or may not have hinted that I wanted this LOL). My favorite thing about this calendar is comparing it to my own travels to Europe and seeing how many places I’ve been to are covered in this calendar.

Wooden World Map

This beautiful wooden world map comes in four sizes and four color variations and makes for an ideal house warming gift. You can also purchase country flag pins as the markers.

Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

Push Pin World Map

This highly rated push pin world map comes framed with a huge selection of frames to choose from. The price point varies depending on the frame. The map comes with colorful push pins.

If you don’t like this particular style, check out all the different choices and options HERE

Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

Scratch Maps

These scratch maps are a classic gift for people who love to travel. It can be used at home or even at work (I used to have one when I had a cubicle).

The 1st option is great if you are not from the US while the 2nd option is great for anyone from the US as it also comes with a map of the US.

If these designs don’t work, check out more HERE

Gifts for People Who Love to Travel
Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

Cable Organizer

This cable organizer is an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift for those with lots of electronic and camera equipment like phones, cameras, laptops, ipads etc.

Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are life changing! I know that’s a bold statement but I do stand by it! I travel with a suitcase just 4 inches higher than a carry-on. Last year I was on a 18 day trip and was able to pack clothes for 18 days and then some extras too all in my small sized checked bag, all thanks to these packing cubes. If your travel loving gift receivers not a packing cube convert, it’s time to convert them!

Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter

I actually got this from work and thought it was a great gift for people who love to travel! Most earbuds are wireless these days, so you may have to ask for a headset on your flight to watch a movie from the tv screen. With this gadget, you can plug it to the audio jack in your monitor and pair it with your wireless earbuds to pick up the audio without ever having to wear wired headphones again!

Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

Noise Canceling Headphones

These noise canceling headphone are a great dupe for the expensive brand named ones and a gift that will definitely be appreciated! Especially on those long plane rides.

Gifts for People Who Love to Travel


These gender neutral socks would make great stocking stuffers or holiday gifts for co-workers who love to travel!

Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

Travel Planner

I plan most of my trips on excel but I know lots of people who love to plan trips on actual planners. This travel planner is jam packed with various resources and is organized to help plan a trip efficiently and easily. What’s great about this planner is that it can be used at various stages of your trip, from planning to post trip notes. It comes in several colors as well.

Travel Journal

Know a travel who is also into journaling? Or an aspiring or established travel blogger? This travel journal is a good gift for anyone who likes to record their travels. This journal comes in 3 colors and has over 100 pages of prompted questions to capture details and memories from 15 trips!

Bucket List Puzzle

This bucket list puzzle is a 1000 pieces and contains 50 inspiring travel destinations. Would be a good house warming gift or a gift for a couple who loves to travel.

Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

New Parents

This cute onesie is an ideal gift to give new parents who love to travel! I’ve given this gift to new parents and they loved it and their baby even wore it for his Global Entry Interview! If you click on this link, you will see more different and unique options that is sure to delight any travel loving new parent!

Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

Gifts for Babies and Children

As mentioned at the start, I have an entire post dedicated to gifts for babies and children. It has so many unique and functional gift options for all ages. Check out this post HERE

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Gifts for People Who Love to Travel
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