Iceland Packing List – A Complete Packing List

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Iceland packing list

What To Pack For Iceland

I recently got back from a road trip around Iceland and I can tell you that it’s probably the most diverse terrain I have ever set foot on. Iceland is called the “Land of Fire and Ice” and it’s easy to see why as the terrain changes from icy glaciers to steaming geysers within minutes. This Iceland packing list will help you be prepared.

Packing for Iceland weather can be a bit tricky as the weather changes very rapidly. Even when we visited in late May/early June, we saw everything from sunny skies to snow storms so strong that it shook our SUV, all within the course of the day. Icelanders consider “good weather” to be days where there is little or no wind. The wind was so strong in Iceland that it blew my head band off of my head!

Iceland packing list
East Iceland – May 28th 2019

If you are going to Iceland and wondering what to pack, you have come to the right place!

General Packing List for Iceland

  • A combination of short sleeve tees and sweaters – Wear these in layers. You can always remove or add as and when the weather changes
  • Long pants or leggings
  • A waterproof and windproof jacket – This is a must for Iceland! The Omni-tech, Omni-heat jackets from Columbia work great! Mine is called an Emerald Lake Parka. This particular jacket is no longer available but check out other options HERE
  • A fleece jacket – I had a Columbia fleece like this one
  • Rain ponchos – Even though a waterproof jacket works well for rain or staying dry from the spray of Iceland’s may mighty waterfalls, it takes a few minutes for the outside of the jacket to dry and a rain poncho like this works out great so that you don’t have to get in the car wet
  • Waterproof hiking boots – I can’t stress this enough! Iceland has so many waterfalls that you can walk right up to and waterproof shoes are going to ensure you can stand on top of a waterfall without getting your shoes wet. No one needs cold, wet feet …ugh! These boots from Columbia were amazing and kept my feet warm and dry.
  • Gloves – Trust me! You will be glad to pack these even in the Summer
  • Hat or beanie – Remember the part about the wind? Yeah! You’re going to need this to survive
  • Scarves
  • Bathing suit – There are so many thermal bath/hot tub options around Iceland! Pack more than one if you can. Getting in to a cold wet swimsuit from the day before is never a pleasant experience
  • Quick drying towel – These are super easy to pack and help to dry off that waterfall spray that got all over your face. Amazon has some great options
  • Flip flops – To wear from the shower to the thermal bath and back
  • Headbands – The thick type that can cover your ears like these
  • Sunglasses

Non-clothing Items

  • Trekking poles – Not a must but nice to have if you have unsteady feet, like I do
  • Food – 1 word – COSTCO! What’s a road trip without snacks? Could we have bought them in Iceland? Sure! However, we had the room to carry snack across so, we did. We brought granola bars, individually packed crackers, fruit snacks, jerky, chocolate covered pretzels and other chocolates to name a few #bestroadtripever!!
  • Camera and equipment – see my photography gear HERE
  • Charges – Don’t forget to pack an adapter that works in Europe
  • Credit cards – In addition to setting travel plans for your credit cards, you also need to get a pin from your card issuing company to use your card at gas stations. Some companies let you do this online but some send it via physical mail so remember to do this ahead of time
  • Medicine

Things I packed but could have done without

  • Sneakers – I never wore them as my (waterproof) hiking boots were so comfy
  • Swimsuit cover up – A towel works and most places will give you one

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Thank you!! I appreciate that!!

Abby October 2, 2019 - 11:08 am

Awesome Blog!!! We are planning our trip in April for Iceland. This has helped me tremendously!

shortgirlontour October 2, 2019 - 8:53 pm

Thank you so much, Abby!! Iceland was so wonderful! Hope you guys have an amazing time!!


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