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The one type of question I get asked frequently pertaining to my travels is “what has been your favorite so far”. To round out this amazing year of travel, I thought I’ll post this list of all my favorite travel related things! They include places, food, activities and a whole lot more. There are a lot more places I want to see and I lot more bucket list items I want to tick off, so I will keep updating this list as time goes on but this is my list for now!

Countries and Cities

Favorite Country

I really love Portugal! France is a newly discovered love after venturing out of Paris. Also love Bali (not a country but love the island!). South Africa is another favorite!

Favorite Region

I generally love Europe! My top 3 regions are:

Favorite Big City

I’m not so much a big city person but I do love London and New York!

Favorite Mid Sized City

Best Medieval Towns

Best Day Trip from a Big City

Cape of Good Hope

Favorite Charming Villages

Underrated Countries

  • Portugal – maybe it’s the mild weather or the seafood but as I said before, I love Portugal!
  • Malta – tiny Malta is easy to see in a week and really packs a punch
  • Slovenia – the nature in Slovenia is second to none!

Underwhelming/overrated cities/countries

  • Lima, Peru
  • Venice, Italy
  • Singapore

This being said, I thought Vienna was overrated too but I visited a second time and fell in love.

Cities that Take You Back in Time

Most Colorful Cities

Most Mysterious, Magical, and Exotic city

Country I’ve Been to the Most

Technically Canada, but I have family in Canada so I don’t really count it. It’s Thailand after that.

Favorite Historic Cities and Countries?

Architecture and Buildings

Favorite Cities for Architecture

Favorite Castles and Palaces?

In order

Favorite Houses of Worship

(Not in order)


Best Beaches

Anywhere in the Caribbean, particularly Tulum in Mexico and San Blas in Panama

Best Snorkeling

Otherworldly Landscapes

Favorite Countries for Nature

  • Iceland
  • Scotland – Highlands
  • Sri Lanka – Hill country
  • Slovenia – Lakes, rivers and valleys
  • Peru – Inca Trail, Sacred Valley, Rainbow Mountain


Best Meal

I love to eat! These were some of my most memorable meals abroad

Food markets

Favorite Things to Eat in General

  • Empanadas
  • Cheese
  • Gelato
  • Anything with passion fruit

Best Food Overall


Best Museum (including Art Museums or Places for Art)

Best Road Trip to Date?

Favorite Activity in General

Thermal baths and spas! So far I’ve loved the thermal baths and spas in Baden-Baden, Budapest and Iceland

Best Experiences/ I Can’t Believe I’m Here Moments

Best Travel Story

  • Spent 30 days in Europe visiting 8 countries. I didn’t have roaming or buy a sim card. I have no idea how I survived without getting lost or missing a single train, bus, or plane. I cannot imagine doing that now!
  • Spent 7 weeks in Europe (8 countries) + Egypt and Canada this year! I was in between jobs and took the time off to travel

Cheesiest Touristy Activity

A sound of music tour in Salzburg! I LOVED every second of it!

Airports and Airlines

Most Frequented Airport Outside of the US

Dubai used to be my most frequented airline back in the day but now it’s definitely Schiphol in Amsterdam. This year I was in Schiphol twice in 3 days (crossing the Atlantic)

Favorite US Airline

Delta! US airlines are not that great but I think Delta is the best out of the lot

Favorite Airline Outside the United States

Emirates, Etihad and Qatar

Wish List

Top of mind places in the next few years?

Argentina, Greenland, New Zealand, Antarctica

Bucket List Adventures

Everest Base Camp, Mount Kilimanjaro

Places I Wish I could Live for a Year or Two

London, Prague, Bali, South West Germany, Small town France, Amsterdam

Do you have any of these on your favorites list? Let me know in the comments!

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