Side and Day Trips from Split

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Side and Day Trips from Split

One of the things I love most about Split is that it is a great home base to explore other places in Croatia and beyond. My previous post on Split covers everything to see and do in this ancient city on the Dalmatian Coast. This post aims at providing a guide to all the side and day trips that can be done from Split. These side and day trips from Split have something for everyone! From nature to history lovers and thrill seekers! Keep reading to find out more!


The ritzy yet charming island of Hvar is just a 50 minute ferry ride from Split. The town of Hvar (named after the island) is the main destination in Hvar. HERE is my detailed post on how to spend a day in the town of Hvar!

Side and Day Trips from Split
Side and Day Trips from Split
Side and Day Trips from Split

Blue Caves

One of the most popular day trips from Split is a visit to the Blue Caves on the island of Bisevo, with a tour company. Usually, these excursions are coupled with a few other locations like the Pakleni Islands, the Blue Lagoon and Hvar. One thing to note is that this tour is extremely weather dependent. Given its very narrow entry way, a visit to the Blue caves is not possible with even the slightest indication of strong winds.

This happened the day I had booked the tour so I did not get to see the Blue Caves but the tour was for 5 islands (including the Blue caves) so the tour operator took us to 5 islands, namely Pakleni, Hvar, Blue Lagoon, Milna and Maslinica. The day was fun even without the Blue Caves. HERE is the tour that I did. This tour has the highest rating on Getyourguide. Alternatively, you can also book this tour directly through the tour operator’s website (there was no major price difference when I booked).

One word of caution for those who may be scared of the ocean….this was the craziest boat ride I have ever been on! Given the high winds, the sea was a little rough and we flew at full speed ahead through high waves. It was not obviously unsafe as the captain knew exactly what he was doing but there wasn’t a single person not holding on to dear life or screaming. If you are a thrill seeker, this is the tour for you!

Blue Lagoon
Side and Day Trips from Split

Krka National Park

An hour north of Split is the beautiful Krka National Park. Krka is home to a series of gushing waterfalls that flow into emerald green pools. Along with Plitvice National Park, Krka is one of the most popular national parks in Croatia. HERE is more information on how to visit Krka National Park.

Side and Day Trips from Split
Side and Day Trips from Split


Trogir is a tiny island 30 minutes north of Split. This town is tiny but full of charm, especially in its preserved old town. The best thing to do here is to wander around its medieval marble-stone streets.

Klis Fortress

Klis is a medieval fortress overlooking the city of Split and the Adriatic sea. It’s located about 18 minutes inland from Split. Klis was the seat of many Croatian kings and has been conquered and reconquered multiple times during its over 2000 year long history. Today, Klis has once again risen to fame because it was the filming location for the city of Meereen in the HBO television series, The Game of Thrones.

Putalj Winery

Just 20 minutes from Split is Putalj winery. I could not make it as you need reservations ahead of time which I didn’t realize until later. Given this, I don’t have any first hand experience to share but they have great reviews and are highly recommended. HERE is the link to their website to book a tour.

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Mostar is 2 hours east of Split. Given this proximity, technically you can make a day trip out to Mostar but I think Mostar deserved at least a one night stay. If your next destination in Croatia after Split is Dubrovnik, perhaps you could consider adding Mostar in between the two (It’s about 2.25 hours from Mostar to Dubrovnik). See HERE for 15 amazing things to do in Mostar and a complete travel guide!

The one major thing to call out is that if you are planning on driving a rental car to Bosnia, you need to get insurance also known as a “green card” to enter the country. Good news is that your rental car company can provide this for a reasonable fee. Bosnia will not let you enter without this.

Side and Day Trips from Split

Guide to Split

As I mentioned above I have a detailed post covering what to see and do in Split, along with where to eat and other valuable tips and recommendations. Check it out HERE

Diocletian’s Palace is the biggest attraction in Split

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This brings back memories of our time there. Such an amazing site we explored.


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