Best Travel Related Gifts for Kids & Babies

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Are you a parent or a cool aunt or uncle looking to inspire the next generation of travelers? Then, start them young with some awesome clothes, toys and books that is sure to spark their curiosity and build a love for travel. This maybe one of my favorite posts I have published to date and I had a lot of fun putting this list together! I have personally given some of these items as gifts to babies and kids and the rest I curated after reading lots of reviews! Here are my best travel related gifts for kids and babies!

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Let’s start this list of travel related gifts with babies!

Onesies for the Plane or Vacation!

This is such a great travel related gift for babies! I have bought all 3 of these onesies for my friend’s kids. She even put the 3rd one listed here on her baby when he had his Global Entry interview (for my non-American readers this is a program that enables expedited entrance back to the US). Needless to say he passed with “flying” colors!

The links for these are below! These also come in long sleeve and toddler sizes. Some of them are even customizable where you can have the baby’s name printed.

Traveled Themed Milestone Mat

This Milestone Mat is great if you want to buy it for your own child or you want to gift it to a baby of a friend or family member. The best part is that you can personalize it by adding the baby’s name!

Travel Related Gifts for Kids

Travel Mat

This cute baby mat can be used a couple of ways! It can be used as a decorative rug in a nursey or it can be used as a play or crawl mat.

Check it out HERE

Travel Related Gifts for Kids

Splat Mat

How cute and colorful is this splat mat that can be used under a high chair? I love all the fun illustrations and it’s sure to spark a baby’s interest!

Get it HERE

Travel Related Gifts for Kids


Another good travel related gift for babies. I really like this crib sheet with it’s cartoon like illustrations!

Check it out HERE

HERE is another option for a crib sheet that shows the world map in muted colors! Perfect for a nursey with blue and grey tones.

This complete set includes a crib sheet, crib skirt and quilt. The quilt is reversible! and both the sheet and quilt have words like dream and explore! I have given a similar gift (unavailable now) to a friend and they loved it for their baby! Get it HERE

Travel Related Gifts for Kids

Personalized Book

This company makes the most amazing, totally personalized children’s books! Not only can you personalize the name on the cover and in the body of the book, you can also customize the skin tone, hair and outfit. This particular book is for a new born and is more for parents but if you are not a parent looking to give something similar, you can see a little below for another option.

Check it out HERE

Interactive Plane

I gifted this toy plane to a 1 year old! It’s interactive with music, buttons and tons of sensory stimulation and learning opportunities.

Travel Related Gifts for Kids


Let them dream about the world with this beautiful bedding set from Pottery Barn! The set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and pillow cases and is made from 100% organic cotton!


The Airport Book

This is another gift that I have given a friend’s kid that they loved! It’s a great book for a kid to take on the plane with them. It’s colorful, informational and has various sounds you can find at an airport. Great for that 1-3 age group.

Get it HERE

Floor World Map

This wooden world map floor puzzle is ideal for younger kids. The puzzle pieces are big and easy to grip and the map itself is colorful and beautifully illustrated.

Customizable Book

This customized book is my most favorites on this travel related gifts for kids list and is super unique! It’s customizable and can be personalized to include the kid’s name and appearance. The vivid pages include an activity that the child must solve in order to reveal a message at the end that you leave for them. My friend loved it for her kid!

Travel Related Gifts for Kids

Plane Activity Book

Now this is one I wish I had as a kid! This activity book couples education with tons of activities to while away the time. All the puzzles and activities are travel based too.

Get the activity book HERE

Book About the World

Spark their imagination and interest with this colorful book about the world! The book deep dives into each continent and talks about its sights, terrain, weather, people, and animals.

Check out the book HERE

Travel Journal

I wasn’t kidding when I said I had a lot of fun putting this list of travel related gifts for kids together! This travel journal may be another one of my favorites. What I love most about this travel journal is that it has prompting questions that’s sure to get some creative juices flowing!

Check out the travel journal HERE

Travel Related Gifts for Kids


I love this colorful and beautifully illustrated backpack that includes lots of native animals as well!! It really has great reviews too!

Travel Related Gifts for Kids

Play Passport

This passport and sticker set is an ideal gift for kids to track where they have been or even as a activity to pass the time on the plane while traveling.

Check it out HERE

Travel Destination Stickers

These travel destination stickers can be used to track places a kid has already been to or dream of going to! They can paste them on their laptops, water bottles, journals and in so many other places!

Travel Favor Bags

This one is more for travel loving parents throwing parties for their kids. Don’t just plant the travel bug in your own kids, plant them in their friend’s too with these cute world map themed party favor bags!

Scratch-Off World Map

This vividly colored world map is a great travel related gift for slightly order kids. Especially those pre-teens and teens that are so hard to buy gifts for. This one even comes with a map of the United States!

If you are not from the United States, then check out this scratch-off map of only the world! HERE

World Atlas

You really cannot go wrong with a National Geographic book for a kid! This world atlas has several maps and deep dives into the continents.

This one is similar and comes as a slightly lower price point

Globe Puzzles

Here are two options for globe shaped puzzles depending on the kid’s age. The first one is more for a younger kid while the second option is for someone a bit older.

Check it out HERE

Travel Related Gifts for Kids

Check out the globle puzzle below HERE

Interactive World Maps

These interactive world maps are so much fun! The first option comes with little felt attachments and is a good learning tool that is also fun and colorful for kids.

See the 1st option HERE

This 2nd option is for slightly more older kids. It has over 1000 facts and questions about the world!

This 3rd option is a hybrid between options 1 and 2, with a puzzle element, flags, and facts about countries and states.

HERE is the link to the 3rd option

The World Game

This is good for older kids and teens but can be played with the whole family. It is good for kids who are into geography and knowledge about countries around the world. May help them in the future with trivia too!

Check it out HERE

World Monuments Craft Maker

Another one of my favorite travel related gifts for kids. This world monument craft maker is a good one for a craft loving kid! This kit includes all the material they will need to make 10 world monuments including the 7 Wonders of the World! It also includes a guide book making it a good learning activity as well.

3D World Map with Monuments

This 3D world map has the same idea as the one just above but without the crafting aspect. Here the monuments are already built and pop up on the map. There is a fact sheet included that speak to the monuments.

The World Box

This little box has a little bit of everything as is super funducational! A informative world map, a passport, a scrapbook and country fact cards. It’s also very reasonably priced. This is a gift I would love to have gotten as a kid!

Travel Related Gifts for Kids

World Map Jigsaw Puzzles

Generally can’t go wrong with a jigsaw puzzle for kids and adults alike and these travel related jigsaw puzzles are two good options! They are both floor puzzles.

Check the first one HERE.

Check out the 2nd option HERE

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Travel Related Gifts for Kids
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