A Visit to Lavender Fields in Provence, France in Photos

by shortgirlontour

I have always wanted to visit lavender fields in Provence. There’s lavender all over the world, so what’s special about lavender in Provence? It’s really the setting. Provence itself is known for beautiful valleys, soft rolling hills and picturesque old villages. Add lavender to this mix and you have picture perfect views for miles. This post is a photo collection of my visit to lavender fields in Provence. Hopefully it inspires you to visit or add lavender fields in Provence to your bucket list!

Before I jump into the photos, let me share some information about lavender fields in Provence.

Where are the Best Lavender Fields in Provence?

All my research pointed me to the Valensole Plateau in Provence as one of the best places to find lavender fields. Within Valensole, I explored all the fields in and around a place called Lavandes Angelvin and between Lavandes Angelvin and the village on Valensole. There are fields on both sides with different views so check them all out.

This article does a great job of mapping out all the best lavender fields in Provence.

What time to Visit Lavender Fields in Provence

So this is a tricky question. Unfortunately it really depends. The weather plays a huge part in when lavender season starts each year. As a very general rule of thumb, mid June to mid July is a good time to visit, with early July being the safest bet. That being said, as you can see from the pictures below, some fields had bloomed faster than others (may have to do with the type of lavender too!).

Types of Lavender

There are two types of lavender that grow in Provence. These are fine lavender and lavandin. You can see both types of lavender in the fields I mentioned above. You can also see the difference between the two in the pictures below.

My Experience

I made this visit to see the lavender fields in Provence during my visit to the French Riviera. I actually hired a car in Cannes for the day and made the drive to Valensole in Provence. It was so totally worth it especially given I wasn’t sure when I would visit France again and that it was more or less lavender season.

I visited the early side of mid-June and the fields were not fully in bloom but it was still an amazing experience!

Visit to Lavender Fields in Provence
Visit to Lavender Fields in Provence
Visit to Lavender Fields in Provence
Visit to Lavender Fields in Provence
Visit to Lavender Fields in Provence
Visit to Lavender Fields in Provence
Visit to Lavender Fields in Provence
Visit to Lavender Fields in Provence
Visit to Lavender Fields in Provence

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