Beach Packing List – What to Pack for a Beach Trip

by shortgirlontour
Beach packing list

Having been born and raised on an island, the beach is one of my all time favorite places to go to. Even more so now, since I don’t get to experience it as much! Here is my beach packing list.

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Water Shoes

Bought these for my trip to Jamaica last year but have been using it since. I am not a big fan of flippers when snorkeling and these water shoes still provide protection so that your feet don’t get cut on the coral and rocks. Check them out HERE

Beach Packing List
Image from Amazon


I take my wide brim sun hat even to non beachy destinations and is a must have on my beach vacation packing list

Beach packing list

Flip Flops

Easy to forget to pack but super useful!

Beach packing list

Swimsuit Cover Up

Some restaurants may even let you wear your swimsuit cover up to dine leaving you with less to pack and more space as these generally don’t take up a lot of space.

Beach packing list

Beach Gear

Quick Drying Towel

My quick drying towel has come in handy so many times. My towel is light and packs in to a tiny square and most importantly is extremely absorbent and dries fast. Check them out HERE.

Beach Towel

Pack your own beach towel if you have one and have room. Will save you some money!

Beach Bag

A beach tote or backpack us useful to throw in all items mentioned on this list.

Beach packing list


Waterproof Phone Case

Categorizing this one under electronics because it protects a very precious electronic!

I carry my waterproof phone case with me always. It never leaves my suitcase as I’ll never know when I’ll need it. A good case can really protect your phone from any water damage. How do you know it is a good case? Place some tissue inside the case, close it up, fill up your sink and completely submerge the case in water for a couple of hours. You know you have a good case if the tissue is bone dry when you take it out of the water. HERE is a link.

Beach Packing List
Image courtesy Amazon

Waterproof Camera

I use my GoPro now but before I invested in a GoPro I had a basic waterproof camera I had bought from Amazon. It was okay but the GoPro has been a game changer.

Beach Packing List

Water Activity Gear

Snorkeling Gear

I love to snorkel and so bought my own set a few years back. The thought of using a snorkel that someone else used (even after all the disinfecting) still grosses me out. It can also save you money on the long run as you don’t have to pay to rent. I bought mine at Amazon (It’s a junior size which works for me as the mask of regular adult ones are too large on my face)

Life Jacket

I can’t really swim but I LOVE the water and have no fear of jumping into any ocean as long as I have a life jacket. After renting these for years I finally bought my own recently. It comes in a small and flat case which is great in terms of space. This one in particular is for snorkeling but you can find life jackets for all types of water activities.

Beach packing list

Personal Care

Bug Spray

Learned this the hard way during my recent trip to Saint Thomas and Saint John. I got bitten and the bites stung for weeks!

Sun Screen and After Sun Lotion

Sun screen goes without saying! After sun lotion is great to reduce the impact of burns.

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