A Complete Pre-Travel Check List

by shortgirlontour

I am writing this post as I am getting ready to go on my greatest adventure to date. So, admittedly, this post is very much for me as it is for you! Interestingly, I always refer to my own packing list post each time I go somewhere. I have a feeling I will be using this complete pre-travel check list prior to any of my travels going forward.

This complete pre-travel check list assumes you have already bought your tickets, have an itinerary in place, have booked all accommodation and tours, applied for any visas and completed any travel requirements. Check out this post on how to plan a trip for more information.

Buy Travel Insurance

I always buy travel insurance. It’s affordable and gives me peace of mind when I travel.

Charge Electronics

If you have cameras and external battery packs, charge them prior to leaving so that they are ready to be used. See what’s in my camera bag HERE.

Print Any Tickets or Reservations

If there are places that only accept paper copies of any reservations, make sure to have them printed and ready to go.

Set Travel Plans with Banks

Most credit card and banking companies do not require you to set travel plans any longer but check with your institutions just in case!

Water Any House Plants

Make sure to water any house plants so they don’t dry up or die in your absence. These water bulbs are great and slowly drip water so your plants stay watered for a week or two.

Set your Thermostat

If needed, set your thermostat to away mode or a temperature that is optimal for when you are away.

Clear Out the Fridge

There’s nothing worse that coming home to rotting food!

Take Your Garbage Out

Similar to above, if you are out for a couple of weeks, you don’t want your garbage sitting there.

Pay Any Bills and Take Care of Financial Obligations

If you are planning on withdrawing money from an ATM, make sure you have sufficient funds in your current account that’s equivalent to the local currency you need.


Whether it’s to take on your trip or to have fresh clothes when you get back, you may find doing laundry useful a couple of days before you leave on a trip.

Set your OOO Message

If you work, setting your out of office message will be super important. This one is so easy to forget in the rush of things.

Take Care of Any Work Deadlines

Review any work deadlines and ask someone to cover for you if needed.

Take Care of Your Mail

Depending on where you live, you may be able to setup a stop mail service with your postal service if you are out for a long time. You can also have someone come and pick up your mail.

Ask Someone to Watch Your House/Apartment

It’s just some assurance while you are away.

Buy an e-Sim

I always recommend using a local sim over using roaming abroad as it is a lot more affordable. With e-sim cards, you don’t even have to spend time looking for a local sim at your destination. You simply buy it before you leave and activated it once you get there. I’ve bought e-sim cards from this company before and have had a great experience.

Download Any Local Apps

Download any apps that you may need at your destinations. If you are driving, download offline Google Maps which really has come in handy for me in the past.

Winter Travel

Depending on where you live, you may need to take precaution to make sure your house is protected if you are traveling during winter. If the temperatures are below freezing, I usually let my facets drip and cover my external facets with a cover like this.

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